Car Park Cleaning

Completely transform your neglected car park with a car park full clean service from Sweep It

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Freshen up your car park

Complete car park cleaning Sydney-wide

Is the car park in your office building or apartment block lacking some tender loving care? Our specialist car park cleaning team can completely revamp your existing, worn out car park into a fresh welcoming car park.

When a car park sweep is not enough, we can provide you with a full clean service of the car park, which essentially restores your car park to a bright and fresh state. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Full clean of car park

From car park floors to walls and overhead pipes

Our car park full cleaning service includes sweeping, scrubbing high pressure cleaning and degreasing of car park floors.

We can also high pressure clean walls, roller doors and overhead pipes.

Due to high traffic in car parks, a thorough clean can provide the area with a bright and fresh look and prevent the tracking of break dust through foyers and building entrances.

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