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Keep your garbage chute system clean and healthy with our Sydney garbage chute cleaning and deep sanitisation service.

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Garbage chute cleaning in Sydney

Blast your garbage chute with a deep garbage chute clean from Sweep It

Garbage is a messy business, even more so when it’s the management of waste for high-rise apartment blocks or commercial buildings.  Garbage chutes are an efficient way for waste to be transported to a bin quickly, but can soon turn into a cesspool of odour, mould, germs, bacteria and pests. Garbage chutes also provide the ideal nesting place for insects.

Our Sydney-based team provides efficient and routine garbage chute cleaning services to clients Sydney-wide.

High-tech cleaning equipment

Designed for maximum efficiency and cleaning power

We use some of the most high-tech equipment in the industry to deep-clean and sanitise your internal garbage chute system, which will remove odours and blast away grease, grime, and other nasty remnants. We also undertake a thorough deodorising process that effectively eliminates odours.

Maintenance and regular sanitisation of garbage chutes are essential to the long-term health of any building’s waste management eco-system.

Our high-pressure, water-based garbage chute cleaning process has been perfected over the years to ensure 100% satisfaction for our customers.

Routine garbage chute cleaning service

Sydney-wide year-round garbage chute cleaning services

Garbage chutes are very often a neglected part of a building; over time, this can lead to terrible smells, hygiene issues and potential health hazards to occupants of the building.

It’s essential to maintain your garbage chute(s) on a regular basis to ensure a year-round clean and sanitised chute system. We highly recommend a bi-yearly service to avoid unnecessary build-up of mound, germs, pests and odours.

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